Who pays the price?

We ordered coffee this week. The price tag became quite extensive, so someone could possibly argue that it is cheaper at the local grocery store. However, it is not likely to be true.

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Trendspaning Greengoat

Trendspotting from Greengoat

Someone recently said that 2020 requires a really sharp PR consultant to save its reputation. Do you agree? At Greengoat, we’ve have had an unusually good year despite the hurdles and now, it’s time to summarize the sustainability year of 2020.

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Greengoat jul

The week, condensed

How much can you fit in a week, really? We have dug deep into emission factors and calorific values this week, discussed sustainability in the IT sector, citizens’ salaries and baking bread in Fellingsbro as a path to happiness in life, eaten excellent candy from Ockelbo, held our breath over the world’s largest iceberg’s worrying journey towards South Georgia and pondered whether or not to celebrate the five-year anniversary of the Paris Agreement. We’re not doing that well after all.

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The question of climate compensation, summarized

It’s complicated. This is how last week’s issue of climate compensation can be summarized. Thanks for all the input! The original question was about how an entrepreneur in western Dalarna could become “climate neutral” even though he is linked to the municipality’s not-so-fossil-free district heating system.

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Klimatkompensation - för eller emot?

Climate compensation – for or against?

Today’s post is about climate compensation. Is it reasonable to be able to buy yourself free from your climate footprint by exporting it elsewhere? We waver a bit in the question and appreciate hearing what you think.

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Utmana sanningar och indiska bönder som begår självmord

The climate needs no critics

“The climate needs critics,” journalist Mats Edman writes in a column in the Swedish magazine Fokus. One part of me gets a little happy with the headline, hopes that he may have thought one step further and demands the reader to wake up, meet a challenge.

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Why it has to be now

We like speed. It’s required right now, but at the same time it must be more right than wrong. Otherwise, we run the risk of losing commitment and speed. So, the final squeeze on today’s mind spin is simply: Think big, start small and prepare for strong progress. Then you don’t have to look back and wonder what happened.

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