How to get out of the linear brainwashing

We firmly adhere to linear business models, even though they are destructive. It’s time for us to get out of the collective brainwashing and start thinking about circulation instead.

Hidden between the lines

It’s been a flood of quarterly reports in Sweden this week. With the uncertainty that prevails in the world, they are reassuringly solid to hold on to – clear columns, debit and credit, pluses and minuses. It is what it is. Right?

Dare to challenge the filter bubble

One of the Greengoats threw herself handlessly into a wasp nest this week. It happened when one of our Members of Parliament suddenly experienced a severe lack of global warming because it was raining outside. The goat just couldn’t help it. You can certainly choose to avoid wasp nests. You can even opt out of […]

Wanted: people who refuse to adapt

Last week, it was 38 degrees Celsius in northern Siberia. Great! The children could swim in the melt water from the permafrost. After a couple of days of brutal heat here in Sweden, a child or two could be found in sunbeds in our rather chaotic laundry room in the basement. There, it was nice […]