Co-creation and process management

We drive development processes that land in the heart

Most people need to feel a sense of meaning to develop; brains need dopamine to get motivated to think. We know that. In situations where a common understanding of the task and everyone’s perspective is required, we therefore work with involving methods to achieve co-creation.

The sustainability issue is complex and we think that the most efficient way of dealing with it is a combination of structure, lust and involvement. 

Playful like children, disciplined like soldiers

We have a tool box with both hard and soft tools. We work with classical structures and methods within change design, process management and organization development, in physical meetings as well as digital platforms. 

It’s how we do it that distinguishes us from others. We work a bit differently. We design our processes based on science and research about human behavior to release ideas and allow for creativity; all with the ambition to result in an action plan that everyone has been part of and are committed to. 

We can help you with shorter projects such as facilitating workshops and meetings, or longer development processes, taking you from your position today onto a more sustainable development path.