About us

Sustainability - find the right track

Imagine a dynamic yard, full of wagons, locomotives and people unloading and loading, tracks in all directions. It’s a jumble. In the middle of all this, you can see the switching locomotive that calmly and systematically connects wagons and groups of wagons, pushing them to get started, over the switching back and onto the right track. Switching locomotives are usually powered by diesel, but the Canadian company Railpower was early in the process of testing hybrid technology and batteries for their Greengoat model; the sustainable alternative.

Systematic, with joy

Greengoat is a sustainability agency that works the same way. The sustainability issue is complex and it’s not always easy to know how to tackle it. Here, Greengoat functions as a calm and systematic switching locomotive. We support and push companies and organizations to get started, getting over the bump and on track.

Behind Greengoat, you find three women who attack complexity and confusion with care, structure and orderliness. We all have long experience from the industry and realize the importance of digging where you stand, to identify the sustainability work with the greatest impact for each company or organization, to connect that benefit to the core business and strategy, and to systematically set goals and action plans that are relevant, challenging and possible.

Analysis will be needed. So will goals and control, change and communication, both internally and externally. Greengoat can help you achieve all that. 

Åsa Sund

Åsa is an inspiring process- and change manager who develops people and organizations with structure, management and an ability to see the big picture in complexity.

Karin Svärd Hertel

Karin is a sharp process manager who combines dynamics with engineering structure and a strong commitment develop companies, organizations and the society in a sustainable direction.

Åsa Backman

Åsa builds brands and creates meaning with relevant communication strategies and words. Translating complexity into something understandable and meaningful is a super power.