Sustainability – to last longer

Polarbröd’s factory in Älvsbyn burned down last Sunday. We mourn, the people of Älvsby mourn, the employees mourn, the customers mourn. It’s not just that Polarbröd has always been in our lives; there is something proud, stable and very, very Swedish that has turned into ash.

Time for the green slush

You know that feeling, when your kayak leaves the shore; you take a deep breath and fill your lungs, brain and heart with the world around you. Everything is perfect. You put your paddle in the water for that first stroke and find that it cuts through green slush. The curtain goes down.

You are what you eat

Ekologiska ägg

It is easy to get depressed by horrible animal handling, dioxins and other toxins in fish and deforestation of rainforests. We know that avocados, bananas, coffee and rice require loads of fresh water in areas that are already lacking it. So, what’s left to eat?

Time to get back to work?


When it’s time to get ready for the autumn, we think there are two questions to ask yourself: 1) What rules and requirements regarding sustainability apply to our company? 2) Are we perceived as we want to be perceived?