Where it all started

It all started approximately eight years ago with a common desire to accomplish something together, something important. We were inspired by Smilings’ cashew nuts and wanted to do something similar. Create jobs and fair terms for those who are doing the real job. But lives were to live here and at the time, there was not much room for anything else.

We collided our brains with other wise brains, observed what happened around the world, read, thought and dug for meaning. And worked with our ordinary jobs, lived our ordinary lives and planned. The dream was still there, and while Åsa, the communicator, totally dug herself down in strategies, change communication and oceans of different letter combinations for her customers, change managers Åsa and Karin continued to dig, modify, ask and read.

Searching for a steady track

The years passed and ideas began to formalize, become more concrete. The communicator had stated to get her nose above the water line and was in the game again. We met up with the wisest people we could find and tested the idea, modified it, challenged ourselves, fine-tuned and threw things overboard. Until we had found a steady track. It does not, by any means, imply that we now have all the answers, but we are really good at listening, digging for meaning, ask and challenge. And, not the least, to be that Greengoat, the switching locomotive that supports and pushes people, companies and organizations to get going with their sustainability work, to get over that hump and into the right track.

It took eight years, but we’ve found our switch yard. Now, we hope that you want to bring your train to us!