Friday thoughts from the stable

Two out of three Greengoats are workout addicts. The third one flew into the office today after a session with her PT. After describing her past, now corrected, weaknesses in the shoulder area, an ankle, arm strength and lower back, she exclaimed happily:

“I will now start a weightlifting career. After all, Evy Palm was forty years old when she ran her first Marathon. She must have been incredibly surprised when she almost won. The same thing will happen to me now that I start with weightlifting.”

We believe that this approach is the trick in the sustainability work as well. It’s a bit of a rush, but with some structured help from a PT (read: sustainability agency) you will be surprised at how fast you get on track. You need to modify, dig deep and strengthen a little here and there, and you may not have a fully integrated process from day one, but you will be surprised.

The week has, as usual, consisted of lots of exciting meetings. They have in many ways been about how sustainability enters into businesses today. We have met small local companies, large companies and the public sector, and it becomes clear how fast the demands are being raised. The demands on the big companies mainly come from owners and customers, and while the big companies jack up the requirements, it directly affects their suppliers. And there are the small and medium sized companies, wondering how to address the issue. Who even has it on their table?

We have seen that we can support there. We can be the PT who sets up a training program based on each company’s ambitions, cheers, ensure that the structure is followed, that any weaknesses are strengthened and that you end up strong on the track. We will not be surprised when you run past almost everyone else in your first race, because we know that it is possible. Furthermore, in the area of sustainability, most people are beginners who need to become good very quickly in order to be relevant as companies, suppliers, customers and employers.