Thoughts about best-before dates

We talk a lot about best-before dates at Greengoat. These discussions are very seldom about milk or meat; it’s more about business. What does it take to be relevant tomorrow? Is maximizing profit for the shareholders enough?

We say no, and this is actually one of the main reasons to our existence. We believe that companies that think that profit is the only relevant aspect are quickly moving towards their best-before date. Why?

  • Because the staff at our workplaces is getting younger. When the post-war generation retires, the Millennials and Generation Z are entering the scene. They question traditional decision paths, way of working, working hours, to be honest, they question most things. They were born into a digital world moving at high speed towards climate collapse and can without doubt see that the old way of doing business wasn’t too great if we want to keep the planet. They demonstrate, they call for accountability and action. They just don’t want to work for companies that just stare at the bottom line.
  • Because larger companies are starting to request sustainability from their suppliers.
  • Because consumers call for responsibility. After all, it’s the same team as the ones taking over our working places. They are willing to pay more for sustainable products and question child labor, unsafe work conditions, injustice and old-fashioned business models.
  • Because investors look for sustainable investments.
  • Because governments come together and demand sustainable behavior, which leads to rules and regulations.

Simply because all stakeholders ask for more and because it feels better. We discuss this a lot at Greengoat and we think that we can help both companies and organizations to extend their best before date. What are your reflections?