Sustainable fashion

When Tilda Svärd, 18 years old, was looking for a good subject for her high school degree project, she decided that she wanted to increase the awareness about sustainable fashion by creating a magazine. Tilda is in her third year at Kungstensgymnasiet’s aesthetic program with photo as her special area. Her dream is to become a fashion photographer and now she wanted to collect her own photos in a portfolio, while inspiring others to think sustainably.

”Sustainable fashion is about reducing the production of new clothes by shopping second hand, mend, sew, share and borrow”, she says.

Her interest for sustainable clothes was born when Tilda realized the fashion industry’s massive impact on the environment. Hence, she wanted to combine that understanding with her interest for photography and fashion to affect people to think sustainably when they consume fashion.

“The magazine ‘Sustainable fashion’ is designed for all ages and genders. The ambition is to inspire, regardless of earlier interest of fashion”, she explains.

We think that it’s really positive, and Greengoat has therefore made a small contribution to the magazine.